We are our homes

Have you already found your home away from home?
I left my childhood home when I was in my early twenties; I travelled through Europe went to Italy, Greece, Spain, France and lived in Ireland, Jersey, Holland, and Oman to finally settle in Dubai, UAE  – 6,225 km away from my childhood home.
Zarina is an artist whose images attracted my intense interest. She is American born in India, and she has lived in many different countries before settling in New York where she currently resides.
I fell in love with her piece “Home is a Foreign Place”. This image tells a story of the house she was born in and left never to return. I have so many memories attached to my childhood house, I took care of it, decorated and personalised it, it was meaningful for me and represented who I was- it was my identity.
And so I’ve had a realisation.
While living abroad made me nostalgic for my childhood home, at the same time I’m no longer attached to any particular place or culture. My mobile life now defines my identity. I’m more adventurous than I was once living in Poland and more open than I was once living in Ireland or Jersey.
Zarina says- WE ARE OUR HOMES and her images describe that without words.

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Zarina Hashmi, 2012 Return to the Beginning, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Zarina Hashmi, 2011 Tasbih, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

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