Polish pierogi conga style


As a Polish native, I’m expected to know how to make homemade pierogi. For those unfamiliar with the term pierogi, I’m referring to dumplings. Well, sometimes I wish I could forget because the process is time-consuming, and quite tedious but my twins love eating them, so I have to stop with the ‘no excuses’ and make pierogi.   

Polish pierogi conga style
During decades of the communist regime in Poland, we got to enjoy (or not) eating pierogi every day. Now I would go to a fancy restaurant and got to pay an arm and a leg for this stuff, and they will call it “the gourmet delicacy”. Thank you, but no thank you. 
The pierogi recipe was passed down for generations in my family. As a child, my mother and grandmother taught me how to make pierogi and when my kids are bigger I’ll show them too. Actually, they are already involved but most of the time playing with the dough as play-doh. 
My son adores dumplings stuffed with organic potatoes and farmer cheese; he could wolf down his meal while I’m watching him with fascination.
There are different versions of pierogi, and you can experiment with the fillings. 
I would usually go with the healthier options and make the dumplings filled with organic potato and farmer cheese, buckwheat, braised sauerkraut and dried forest mushrooms, organic whole grain millet. Some of the fillings have incredible health benefits; they are rich in fibre, antioxidants, and nutrients.
You can also use organic unbleached flour from non-GMO wheat, with no preservatives or trans fats. 
So if you want your kids to eat a healthy and delicious snack, then look no further!

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