Homemade Lebanese stuffed grape leaves

Eating home-cooked meals has become a habit in our family.  At weekends we cook together. We divvy up responsibilities and tackle the tasks like a true dream team meant to be. Most of the time we’re opting for healthier food which gives us the freedom to choose healthier ingredients over processed meals.
As my hubby is a Lebanese native, he shares home recipes from his culture, and I would always meet my new favourite food. There are lots of delicious meals which I love, but one which is an amazingly creative and healthy is stuffed grape leaves – Warak Enab

Today we made a vegetarian version of warak enab with no meat. It’s made up with grape vines leaves, rice, tomato, chickpeas, parsley, tomato paste, spice seasoning.

Lebanese cuisine is among one of the healthiest in the world. They have a great choice for those looking for healthy food options

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