Our desert oasis vacation

How is your spring break going on so far? Have you managed to get some time off work and head for a special family getaway?

As my twins are still school age kids, and out of school on a spring break, we decided to plan for a family vacation. Making a holiday budget and sticking to it was essential but we also wanted to make it enjoyable for us and especially for our kids. As it usually happens many hotels during holidays are slamming with peak prices, but this time we managed to plan our trip ahead of time and got ourselves an affordable break. We wanted to stay close to nature so kids can enjoy the great outdoors, and we can rejuvenate and get ready for the upcoming months. We chose Telal Resort which is located in the desert of Al Ain city.

Here are a few photos from our trip this week.

Outdoor swimming pool with the killer sunset views!

We stayed in the heritage villa bringing authentic traditional feel with spectacular views of
the Remah desert

It was an extra-special experience showing children some wild gazelles wandering around our villa 

Hammock bliss

Twins loved exploring the area

Not only kids got to enjoy some of the great local activities

Walking along the labyrinth of small shops and stalls in Zaman Lawal Heritage Village 

Picture perfect view of swans in the lake

At twilight zone (observation point) slaying my long jump demons

Overall we had a fantastic stay. The place is stunning with beautiful dunes, surrounded by palm trees and gazelles right outside your doorstep. We enjoyed the spectacular location, desert experience, and vistas. All the staff and management were very attentive and helpful. However, the food is way overpriced, no value for money and service quality needs improvement. Also, the hotel is dry, so if you want a drink, you have to bring it yourself. Last but not least the pillows didn’t feel comfortable though it’s worth the charm of it.

Bottom line – it’s an excellent place to relax from busy city life.

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