Game of Thrones is finally back!

Yesterday evening was our Monday night special. After many months of waiting and wondering who lives and who dies we finally we get to watch the premiere of the final season of our favourite show Game of Thrones, Season 8.

We had everything planned from turning off cell phones, banning multitasking during the show to the selection of snacks on hand.

Of course, though, as with everything that we plan in our crazy life, sometimes it gets more complicated. Once our twins were tucked nicely in bed, a little earlier, so we could wait with excitement for the upcoming episode, my daughter came down with: “Mommy I don’t feel good”.

That words had the power to distract me from even trying to watch the spoiler. So, we embraced the moment and the un-expected, staying up late cuddling with my sick munchkin instead.

Tonight is the night! Our Tuesday night special: watching pre-recorded GOT premiere episode Winterfell. Can’t wait!!! Winter had finally arrived in Dubai, and we’ll get to watch it snuggling up with pillows in the warmth and comfort of our living room in Dubai.

How about you? Did you manage to watch it? Did the premiere episode live up to your expectation?

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