Design-conscious co-working spaces

Back in 2006, when I came to Dubai, I didn’t hear about co-working spaces.

Nowadays, community spaces are having a moment. So what are they and why so many people are attracted to them?

For those not familiar with the concept of community space, it is as a well-designed open space which is a shared office where individuals from various businesses can engage in work. Check out some of Dubai’s hottest co-working spaces.

To my mind, people like to hang out in community spaces because they’re great places for networking. Being in a shared office space gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with different people. But, what’s most fascinating for me is that they have beautiful aesthetic design created with an intention. It’s the intention of prioritizing the guest’s experience. Find out more about experience-driven spaces.

A4 Space is Alserkal Avenue is a great example. While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, for me A4 has design elements that create a beautiful harmony. A4 Space is an ideal choice for like-minded people, creatives and entrepreneurs out there. Moreover, it’s led by the community that is the best in what they do-Alserkal family.

It’s worth mentioning that co-working industry is trending because of the generation of Millennials or millennial expatriates. Find out why Millennials prefer Co-working spaces.

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