Happiness is…CHANEL BAG

Have you ever considered spending $2-$5k on a handbag? Yes, I agree it’s a lot of money that could be used to pay off the mortgage to the house or any of that!

I have no justification for owning any of my Chanel bags other than my pure indulgence. Naturally, I have always wanted to own such classy and luxurious handbag that will never go out of fashion. I believe that it’s not silly to invest in handbags you can use over the years and sell for more than you originally paid. With that said, I don’t buy my bags for resale, but it’s nice to keep it in mind when spending such a hefty amount on a bag.

My first luxury handbag would be my Chanel Classic Double Flap bag, pictured below. I somehow convinced my hubby that purchasing such a luxury bag can also be an investment. Buying it was a special happening. I spent time debating about what style, size and colour I like most. Then went on browsing through the list of most desired items that would suit my style. 

Once I identified my favourite model, I went to Chanel store in MOE and found out that they didn’t have any in stock and I would have to wait around two weeks to get one. So, I put my name on waiting list, and waited. And waited. And when I FINALLY got my Chanel Black Quilted Leather Jumbo Double Flap it was a pretty exciting moment.  

Jumbo Double Flap Bag is usually available all year long in both caviar and lambskin. Lots of people are choosing caviar over lambskin leather due to durability. I wanted mine in lambskin. To me, the soft, supple look of the leather looks better.  It’s a great size that can fit a lot, but still feel comfortable. I would say Jumbo is a perfect balance between not too big and not too medium sized bag. Also, it can transition well from day to evening. It’s my all-time-favourite bag.

Did you know that Coco Chanel designed the hidden zipper in Chanel Flap Bag with a purpose of hiding there the love letters from her lover? Ah so romantic…

My second gorgeous item would be Chanel Red Leather Small Boy bag. I figured out that I have a classic black one, so I wanted something little more fun for casual outings. This one (pictured below)- I saw, fell in love with and walked out of Chanel store owning one. Its feminine colour and look of quilted lambskin tones down with the silver hardware. I absolutely love love love the colour! 

Chanel Red Leather Small Boy Flap Bag

It’s a much smaller bag with a long chain suited to wearing crossbody. It works well as a casual bag for the day as well as an evening bag too. 

Another favourite of mine is Chanel Black Quilted Leather Small Boy Bag with golden hardware which is like a little black dress that I can wear almost anywhere. With every outfit I put on, I love how the bag looks, so buying it was the right choice. It’s a perfect everyday bag but as well an ideal evening item. 

Chanel Black Quilted Leather Small Boy Bag

Did you know that Coco Chanel was mainly inspired by Boy Capel, the love of her life. That’s why this collection is called Boy Chanel.

To sum it up, not everyone really needs a designer bag- but if you want to invest in something luxurious that will last you for years to come, Chanel bag would be a good choice.

There is so much more to life than material things; but life is too short to carry boring bags! 🤣

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