Green Olive Realness


There is something about green olive, a type of environmentally, eco- warrior coolness that I’m really loving for the colder season.

Green Olive inspired many of the fall/winter 2019 fashion trends; Richard Malone spring/summer 2020, Marta Jakubowski, Stella McCartney, Prada and Miumiu.

We have to agree that with the current climate change and temperatures on the rise every year, we have to change our habits and become more environmentally conscious. It should also be standard practice in fashion but it’s not. Good news is that it’s slowly becoming an industry trend and I see many designers delivering their collections to raise awareness for sustainable fashion. 

Stella McCartney’s environmentally conscious fall 2019 collection.

It’s great to see that more designers are making statements about the environment and are changing the industry to showcase socially conscious designs.

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