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If you know me, you’ll know that I can’t get enough music.

It all started with a rock band Faith No More. Through my teen years, I was all over their songs like Epic or Evidence, where I seriously thought I was in love with vocalist/lyricist Mike Patton.

Consequently, I moved on to funk metal- Rage Against the Machine, and hard rock –Deep Purple. I was blasting Child in Time over and over in my room, driving my mom nuts.

Through my college years, I was obsessed with that jazz folk vibe of Joni Mitchell. Blue – the title song from her album, that I listened on loop for a straight month told a deep and full of the conflicts love story. My all-time fave Help Me and Down to You on her Court and Spark 1974 album are my timeless soundtracks for every season for the rest of my life.

Next came something a little different…. The Köln Concert by the pianist Keith Jarrett, his solo masterpiece blew me away. It was the first-ever jazz concert at the Opera House and 29 years old Jarrett gave an electrifying performance.öln-concert-1.2322993

My next favourite thing was the guitars of jazz innovator Pat Metheny. I consider his track The Longest Summer to be my most mesmerizing summer memories of calm lakes, sunny afternoons and love.

Nowadays, I’m listening to a bunch of stuff and I don’t really have a favourite genre of music. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over Tash Sultana. She an Australian singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, described as a “one-person band.”

Ever since I heard Sultana’s 2016 single Jungle, I’m hooked! She is a pure raw talent.

And as I watch her spontaneous performance it’s like experience. She doesn’t perform, she is in a trance. Watching her is like a therapy to me.

Check it out for yourself!


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