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Tips on how to build a lasting and luxurious wardrobe

I came across the article, and I thought it was worth a share. It’s about how to build a lasting and luxurious wardrobe according to Alex Eagle the founder of Alex Eagle Studio. So if you have a wardrobe that makes you feel like you have nothing to wear, then keep on reading.

According to Alex, buying less but buying better is something we should stick to. She adds it’s important to keep it simple with good quality staples on rotation, mixing high-end with low-end brands.

Buying less but better approach is also a reminder to be living a more conscious life. Needless to say, frequently buying lots of clothes isn’t the most helpful thing we can do for our planet. And with the current climate change crisis we should at least try to contribute to saving a planet. See how slow fashion movement addresses wastefulness in our shopping habits.

Another fashion advice that Alex gives is about investing in high-quality classics. 

Obviously, not everyone can afford to buy posh and expensive clothes, and I’m certainly one of them. I prefer to save money and hunt for a deal to buy one significant item than spend on cheap fast fashion.

When it comes to buying expensive pieces, I prefer to buy classics, not the trendy seasonal clothing I see in magazines. It’s exciting to own one but in reality when I go for something trendier it leaves me confused and unsure how to put it together.

But, there’s more to having a lasting wardrobe. Alex suggests we should never choose the label over the fit and always make sure that something actually fits us and suits our style and body.

As a side note, the next time I buy something, I’ll go for an exceptional item to compliment my wardrobe, a piece that will reflect my style, and make me feel just great!

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