What awaits us in the future?

Have you ever wondered how the world will change in 60 years?

I remember 1992 when the first mobile phone was released in Poland and how it transformed all aspects of our life and community. The wireless telephone was winning over the landline at our homes because the world was ready for superfast mobile connectivity.

Rana Begum and Marina Tabassum Architects, 2019, Phoenix Will Rise 

Not long ago, we imagined the future of air travel was moving towards the superjumbo planes. We now discover that Airbus will no longer manufacture its giant A380, and they are moving towards smaller and more fuel-efficient aircraft. The future dream of super fat jumbos needs to be cancelled because of its severe costs on the environment.

Rachel Armstrong and Cecile B Evans, 2019, 999 years, 13sqm (the future belongs to ghosts) (Courtesy Whitechapel Gallery)

Global warming and its consequences made electric cars seem like the right solution again, even though electric cars were first invented in the late 19th century. The world didn’t need electric vehicles, yet; we still had a vast oil reserve.

APPARATA and Hardeep Pandhal, 2019, Thugz Mansion. Visitors are invited to sit on a concrete ledge and listen to Pandhal’s song about a failing society in front of a cut-out of a nuclear family.

New technologies such as machine intelligence, fully automated smart homes, human DNA gene-editing etc. surprise us with another breakthrough. But do we need the robot in our home to become a regular thing for us?

Sophia sits at the ready in the Hanson Robotics lab.

A significant exhibition IS THIS TOMORROW? will be revealed in Dubai from 6-23 November 2019 at Alserkal Arts Foundation.

The artists from around the world collaborated to address today’s critical issues, including new technologies, the environment, migration and resource scarcity.

DON’T MISS IT! From 6-23 November 2019 at Alserkal Arts Foundation

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