My l’été indien


I love Autumn. It’s my favourite season. Autumn brings me so many good memories and emotions, a mix of peace and happiness.

For me, it’s the most beautiful and thoughtful season of the year. My kids were born in October, and I met the love of my life in Autumn. I fall in love with it over and over.

Autumn in the park of Polczyn- Zdroj, our hometown in Poland. The park is considered one of the most beautiful autumn foliage spots in this area. Foto: Roman Lewiński

Living in hot and humid weather all year long can sometimes be depressing. When we moved to Dubai 12 years ago, I initially loved being hot all the time! However, now I find it exhausting and I’d like to experience cold from time to time. I miss the variety of seasons, even though Autumn here is typically the most comfortable time of the year when humidity and temperatures start dropping.

When I think about our autumn celebrations which we enjoyed over the years in Dubai, Halloween first comes to mind.

Celebrating our twins’ first Halloween in Dubai with aspiring Alladin and Snow-white.
Fearsome pirate and beautiful Elsa. Halloween 2017

However, equally exciting festivities are held in Poland. There’s all kind of harvest festivals during this season and we enjoyed the festivities whenever we came home during the holidays.

When the autumn season comes to Poland, I enjoy walking in the woods to look for mushrooms, some to eat and some to admire.

I love to go for a long walk to the park in our hometown. The park is divided into two parts, the French and the English Gardens and is like no other. Rose gardens, floral carpets, fountains and lakes can be found among varieties of old trees. I love sitting on a bench watching vivid yellow and crimson leaves fall. The air is crisper, and falling leaves have this peculiar earthy smell.

It’s time of the year when I’m playing L’été Indien by Joe Dassin on repeat. It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy and cold it’s the time to slow down and appreciate life in its most beautiful scenery. 

I’m happy when the rain comes, and we all will sit by the fireplace, enjoy its warmth listening to the crackling sound of burning wood. I adore the baking smell of the apples and pies.

Autumn reminds me that it’s time to let things go, leave the old things behind and embrace the new beginning.

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